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Resources for the   EFL/ESL class
Linguapress - publishers of EFL material since 1980

Free online resources for the EFL class and private study

Teachers, students, welcome to Linguapress.

Linguapress has been providing lively, clear and topical resources for teachers and students of English since 1980.... that's long before the start of the public Internet. The Internet as we know it began to emerge at the start of the 1990s.
   Linguapress was one of the pioneering EFL sites on the Internet. The website was registered in early 1998 - that's before Google even existed ! And in its early days, the site was hosted here, as a free subdomain on Bravepages. That's how many  internet sites began life in those days. Resources from Linguapress, originally published in printed form, were moved over to the online website, in order to save and provide free access to many year's of archives, when Linguapress publishing was wound up.
   Much of the Linguapress resource base is now available on, which moved to a larger website in 2004.
   You have reached one of the pages on which was originally pointed, before the site was set up under its own right.
   Here you will find direct links to the main chapters of and to some of the other websites providing useful resources for teachers and learners, with which Linguapress is now associated.
A range of free online resources for students of English


Free resources for teachers and students of English as a foreign or second language

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Accueil en français - Bienvenues !
Index des ressources gratuites en ligne, des ressources gratuites en ligne pour professeurs et étudiants - en anglais. 
Informations sur l'Angleterre infos touristiques, infos sur les écoles de langue, sur Londres, les villes anglaises, les musées, etc, plus les pages de grammaire anglaise, ou de civilisation britannique, en français.

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